The game of lacrosse is one of the fastest-growing team sports in the U.S., with more than 684,000 active players. There are many reasons for the upsurge, but it’s primarily due to increased awareness of the game.

More TV networks are televising professional games, more information is available in print, and the Internet, combined with social media, has proven an invaluable tool for spreading the word about lacrosse. As the sport increases in popularity, more high schools and colleges are forming their own teams.

Lacrosse is most popular in the mid-Atlantic and northeastern portion of the U.S., but teams are assembling across the nation. Part of the reason for its growing influence is a younger generation that’s tired of traditional sports outlets and is eager to try something new. Youth teams comprise the area of greatest growth and are helping to fuel the sport at the collegiate level and beyond.

The game is played worldwide and its fast-paced action is often cited as being more appealing than other spring and summer-based sports. Another attraction for both players and parents is that everyone gets an opportunity to play, even the most inexperienced. As the game has gained in popularity, more scholarship opportunities have also opened up and statistics show that graduation rates among lacrosse players are among some of the highest.

Once considered a “rich kid’s sport” and a bastion of expensive private schools, the game has steadily moved into public schools across the nation. Part of the appeal is that its gender neutral and as more girls and women seek outlets for their athletic abilities and interests, lacrosse fits the bill perfectly.

Like other team sports, lacrosse is great for team building, socialization, and discipline. It’s a healthy way to improve the mind and body that can have an impact on individuals throughout their lifetime.