E-Sports Leagues

D+PAD is an eSports and entertainment company that creates unforgettable moments the entire family will enjoy! At D+PAD you will have access to cutting-edge technology, and educational boot camps, and can compete in D+PAD’s leagues. We will engage our customers through gaming, and family fun and introduce our customers to the opportunities the gaming space has to offer.

Play-eSports lounge and upscale bar offers the ultimate gaming and dining experience.

Purpose-workforce development ensures tomorrow’s innovators and executives will come from our gaming community

Profession-eSports-focused ecosystem draws elite coaches, managers, and brands to improve players’ skills, scholarship, and sponsorship prospects

Our business model is simple. Family fun, Food, and beverage. D-PAD memberships. Sponsorships. Streaming platform for recreational gaming. Tomorrow’s Technology company founders, CEOs, and executives will come from the esports space. D+PAD facilities will be the place they are introduced to those opportunities. Join D-PAD and become a part of the brand that will change lives for generations. 

D+PAD is a brand that will change lives for generations.