For Athletes

The Metaverse Sports League is structured to offer a level of team participation for ages 4 and up.



children as young as age 4 an opportunity to play team sports.  Our sports coaching model is built upon the age and development of the athlete.  Our priority is to teach safety, team work, proper technique and self confidence.  Each sports’ league is a dues based model. We highly encourage athletes to sign up for the month to month program and play a different sport each season.


We plan to keep our facilities open 24/7. We envision young adult amateur sports leagues as well as corporate sport and even and industry league with game play that takes place from midnight through 7 AM for second shift and restaurant workers.

Our core purpose for building our Sports complexes is to provide feasible professional development for at risk adults ages 18-35.  By creating a place to go and teaching team mwork can help curb boredom, crime and even depression in young adults.


Each facility will house a minor league developmental team often referred to as Semi-pro.  According to the US Department of Labor Statistics, the average salary for all professional athletes combined is just over $40,000 per year.  Yes, that even includes the multimillion dollar salaries of the highest paid professional athletes.

Based on the averages, we believe that each sports club can sustain a semi pro and/or minor league team that plays in each of the hundreds of sports complexes we hope to build, nationwide.