Sports Team Ownership

There is no magic formula for success in terms of sports team ownership; however, we have combined best practices and streamlined the process for you.

Our approach

We make funding your business easier by providing you with a centralized back office team that will guide you through the process, handling most of the tedious paperwork, and coaching you to become a better fundraiser.

Work with people you know

You’re already pitching players, fans, vendors, and the local community on your sports team every day. Now, you can get their buy-in in a deeper way. Bring together your customers, vendors, employees, friends, family, local community, followers, and fans, to help contribute to your team as both investors and customers. When they feel like they’re a part of your team, and have a vested interest in seeing it succeed, they become stronger ambassadors for your brand.

Build a community

You’re bringing people together who have a real interest in your business. As people invest, we help you solicit their feedback: Why did they invest? What are their concerns? How might they be a resource for your business? Perhaps they’re the expert that you need to get the next client or solve a logistical problem you’ve been worrying about. Through structured discussion on our platform, you can interact efficiently with your stakeholders, and you’ll always have a group of people to return to for help or, possibly, further funding.

Get everything in one place

As part of preparing an offering, we’ll help you gather your financials, business plan, risks, team information, video, investor pitch materials, cap table, and other key information about your business. When all of this is in one organized place, it’ll make raising money easier (whether or not you work with us), and it’ll build a great foundation for other business transactions, such as preparing for an acquisition.

Standardized legal paperwork speeds things up

If you involve a lawyer for traditional fundraising, it could cost more than $10,000. Our standardized best practices for sports team ownership will keep costs down while also fitting the particulars of your business. The standardized documents also make things easier for investors: they can invest under familiar terms for each offering on the Metaverse Sports platform.

Free consulting help with our 83-point inspection

As part of the process, our compliance team will review all known aspects of your offering—and, in turn, your business—providing important feedback. Once your offering is available on Metaverse Sports, feedback from potential investors doing their own due diligence provides valuable insight into your business.

A beautiful, custom pitch page

Our marketing experts will work with you and your team to craft a custom pitch page that fits your company. It collects all the information we have about your company in one place for potential investors to review—and make a decision.

Simple online collection of funds and closings

Our speedy checkout process handles all sorts of complicated scenarios with grace. If an investor doesn’t have an account with Metaverse Sports, they can quickly create one. If an investor wants to invest via a holding entity, we’ll gather key information. If an investor has purchased securities with us before, their checkout process will focus on the few additional pieces of information that are needed. Fast checkouts often mean more people complete the process once they start.

You can continue your existing fundraising

While it’s in everyone’s interests to have all your investors on the same platform, in many cases, you can continue your existing fundraising activities. If you have specific questions about what’s allowed, we’d be happy to speak with you or your lawyers. The technical terms for the kind of fundraising provided by Metaverse Sports Funding Portal Inc. is a 4(a)(6) offering. Livingston Securities, Inc. provides offerings under Rule 506(c) to accredited investors only.

Services included at Metaverse Sports

  • Escrow fees (to keep the deal fair for all)
  • Transaction fees (moving money between parties)
  • Fee-free investments for investors (we don’t charge them anything on investments that close)
  • An organized set of files for your company
  • Draft paperwork for filing with the SEC
  • Automated filing of required federal paperwork
  • Transfer agent services to maintain this section of your cap table
  • Custodial services to manage securities for investors
  • A marketing plan for your offering
  • A custom offering page on our web site
  • Coaching on various aspects of compliance while conducting your offering
  • Background checks of key people in your company
  • Direct access to our team for ongoing support
  • Almost everything your company needs to conduct an offering is included. We have in house accountants and attorneys to help with your back office needs.