Who Can Join the Metaverse Sports League?

The Metaverse Sports League was designed to revitalize communities and provide access to sports programs for underserved communities without the typical barriers to entry such as cost.  Expenses for youth and amateur sports are often unreasonable, so we found an affordable way to offer not only reasonable costs, but also programs and applications to help athletes learn proper technique, early in their development.  We even have adult and minor league playing opportunities.

We do not want to compete with highschool sports but rather be a developmental youth program so athletes are prepared as they continue their sports journey.

Each sport has 200 teams around the nation that will play for a national championship.  The outstanding athletes will be invited to play in a premier, draft potential, division.  Giving them additional visibility by coaches, teams and scouts.

Younger athletes can participate in our sports focused daycare where they will experience all positions of all sports to help make them a more rounded overall athlete as they grow.

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